“The importance of a caring community to the healing process cannot be underestimated.”

– Paul Ruchames, Executive Director of BEST

Community Partners

Mercy House is partnering with local service agencies that help needy clients, people already living and/or working in our community.  These agencies include: 

  • Backstretch Employee Service Team (BEST) is devoted to meeting the health and social welfare needs of the backstretch workers at Saratoga Race Course through alcohol or substance use counseling and other assistance. BEST is licensed by New York State to provide such counseling, including sponsoring Alcoholics Anonymous and other peer support groups. BEST also oversees two primary care clinics, provides life insurance, subsidies for health insurance, food, clothing, transportation and translation assistance.
  • Transitional Services Association, Inc. (TSA) provides care coordination and residential support services to adults and children struggling with mental health diagnoses and substance use disorders, as well as chronic medical conditions. Care Managers provide oversight and care coordination for medical, behavioral, and social services to individuals and families. Services are person-centered and the agency provides trauma-informed care.
  • In Our Name Initiative will provide an on-site voluntary refreshment café called “Food for Thought.”  It is intended to provide a welcoming location for Mercy House Guests, the Saratoga community, and the Bethesda parish to enjoy fellowship and learn.  Patrons of the café may pay according to their ability, or not at all.  In addition to engaging in direct service, In Our Name seeks to increase awareness of public policy issues affecting people in need.

Mercy House will serve its partners’ clients in space that is flexibly designed to accommodate essential needs in a holistic and safe manner. There will be supportive shelter, counseling, peer support, job preparation, and a social life through Food for Thought, all in a location convenient to other essential services and resources.