In 2018 Bethesda’s leadership committed to help provide supportive shelter and accommodations for homeless individuals and families in Saratoga Springs and Saratoga County. The aim is to provide guests a step toward independence. Those served will include individuals and families with substance or alcohol use disabilities, mental illness, or otherwise needing safe, clean and affordable accommodation, as well as workers from the backstretch at Saratoga Race Course. Bethesda’s commitment to this mission is based on biblical directives to help house, feed and support the poor and needy.

To put this mission into action, Bethesda established Mercy House of Saratoga, Inc. to manage nearly 20,000 square feet of space in the new parish house. Completion of the new building is expected in 2020. 

Supportive housing will help improve the lives of vulnerable individuals in our community who need a place to live during a difficult period in their lives. Mercy House will provide a permanent, sustainable community resource. In the long run, the accommodations offered at Mercy House, together with the support provided by our Community Partners, will help individuals and families restore their own emotional and economic independence.

Mercy House accommodations are offered for people and families already in our community who need immediate, safe shelter and housing. A recent study counted 77 street homeless people in the Saratoga Springs environs alone. Mercy House seeks to fill an essential need for more than 40 among this population: secure transitional housing in a location that enables them to easily find and access essential services.