Mercy House Board and parish leadership
June 2019

Pictured are, left to right:

Mercy House Board members (Left to Right):  Mark Griffin, Mark Claverie (Treasurer), Laura Bradigan, Bethesda Interim Rector Dean Marshall J. Vang, Doug Huston, Mary Withington (Vice President), Howard Nelson, Bethesda Senior Warden Darren Miller, and Gordon Boyd (Mercy House Board President).  Missing from picture, Tom Remington, Mary Sanders Shartle. 


Operation of the guest accommodations will be “managed by Mercy House of Saratoga, Inc. a 501(c)(3) corporation separate from Bethesda.” Board members of Mercy House are nominated by Bethesda’s governing Vestry, but Mercy House is nondenominational. Mercy House currently has a board of nine members (see below) dedicated to its operation. The board provides corporate and fiscal guidance and accountability for all operations attendant to the housing mission, and the coordination of these accommodations with our Community Partners and Bethesda. In this way, Mercy House realizes Bethesda’s religious mission to care for the poor, homeless, and needy in our community. 

Mercy House Board

Gordon M. Boyd, President
Laura Bradigan
Mark Claverie, Treasurer
Mark Griffin
Doug Huston
Howard Nelson
Mary Sanders Shartle, Secretary
Mary Withington, Vice President
Tom Remington